2nd May 2018

I went to a place called suicide hill with a friend, it was a place of mass suicide but now it was a tourist attraction even with guides to talk to.

I saw two coffins next to each other and touched them, a guide ran up to me and said I was not meant to touch them, my friend told me I am now cursed.

My hands and face became covered in blood as the curse took hold, then my friend said ‘look your shoulders turning white! Soon your whole body will.’

I started screaming and crying, It was very intense, I pleaded with my friend to help me. Then suddenly my friend said ‘don’’t worry, you’’re going to write the best fucking novel you have ever written’ and together we both shouted ‘’called suicide hill!’’

I felt a massive rush and pulled out a tatty looking dream diary and started writing down the notes of this dream.