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put it back and lets pretend this never existed

Don’t put it back, its an aggressive invasive species 


That’s a lot of nuggets right there

can u imagine going noodlin and this chomps down on you oh my god

Duuuuude!! Catfish grow to the amount of food there is which means the river these guys came from must be plentiful as fuck, or it’s eating the native species. 
PSA: do NOT catch and release catfish. The fuckers will screw with the rivers ecosystem if they’re not native to the area.
These are the sort of size fish that WILL have a go at eating people as well, they will probs chock but yeah.
Catfish have little to no sight, since they’re bottom feeders they scout for food mostly using their feelers, and just swallow whatever they think can fit in their mouths. 

I watch a lot of Jeremy Wades River Monsters when I’m bored. The shit he films is ridiculous and I love it.

Edit: Cat fish are also cannibals if there’s no other food source.